Bereavement Counselling 


We provide free bereavement counselling for bereaved parents & families , Losing a child is an extremely difficult event in anyone’s life. Grief following the unexpected death of your child is an intense and enduring experience and a very personal thing. The loss can bring up a wide range of emotions including guilt and anger. 

You might want to consider counselling if:

  • You feel isolated socially

  • You have a previous history of depression and anxiety

  • You have additional life stresses going on: illness or relationship difficulties, for example

  • It is difficult talking about your feelings with family members and friends

  • You are experiencing continued intrusive thoughts or flashbacks related to the death

  • You are experiencing lasting sleep problems

  • You feel unable to talk about your experience, avoiding people and places that remind you of what’s happened

  • You feel constantly very anxious

  • You feel very irritable with others

  • You are having thoughts that there is no point to life or you feel you may harm yourself

  • You feel continually unable to function and carry out day to day activities