We are the family of a very special 'Potters Angel' called Charlie Arthur Curtis.

After Charlies death, in December 2012, we found that there was ​little or no support out there for bereaved/grieving families.The support we received  fell well below any standard a grieving family should receive. We want our experience to help improve the support available to other parents and families in the future. We raise awareness of the needs of bereaved parents and families, to make sure every parent leaves hospital with a after-care plan in place which will involve midwifes GP's and full support networks. 

Charlies-Angel-Centre Foundation helps families to rebuild their lives after the loss of a baby or child, our free services  include online information for bereaved parents and families, bereavement counselling, telephone and email support, providing free bereavement packs and working with statuary bodies to provide the best bereavement care.

Charlies-Angel bereavement centre is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and provides relevant information,bereavement counsellors and support, so bereaved parents and families can access the bereavement support they need, when they need it. Working with healthcare professionals is absolutely vital to the key aims of Charlies-Angel-Centre.

Charitable objectives 

To protect the health, and relieve the mental and emotional suffering, of bereaved parents and families resulting from the death or unexpected death of their baby or child. To also protect their families or anyone directly affected by the bereavement, by providing counselling, advice, support and guidance. 


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