Community support group

Many bereaved parents and families feel that only others who have experienced the death of their son/daughter grandchild/niece/nephew can offer real understanding. This will be our first community support Group we have set up, and hope to offer the chance for bereaved families to meet others, gain support and share your experience.


We want to provide an environment where people feel comfortable and share their feelings openly and without judgment. The group is friendly and informal. You can sit and share a cup of tea/coffee with other families going through their grief, and be

around people who understand the emotions you feel,


The support we provide is free of charge and is open to all bereaved parents, their families and friends who need support.  No matter how long ago the loss occurred, or how current it is, we are still here to help. children are all so welcome


Meeting Dates & Time

The meetings will be held on the  1st Thursday of every month  

The group will be from 7pm—8.30pm

Thursday 6th May 

Thursday 3rd June 

Thursday 1st July 

Thursday 5th August 

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