A New Chapter

For the last few months we have been very busy securing a new base so we can expand

Charlies-Angel-Centre Foundation, we decided that the time was right to open our bereavement centre, i can honestly say we looked at some awful places along the way and was beginning to think we couldn't find anything suitable, but at the end of april we did find something that was perfect and everything we had hoped for, on the 26th of june we finally completed and we have been busy getting it ready for our launch day.

Charlies-Angel-Bereavement centre has 4 counselling rooms and a children's area

Charlie Curtis Angel Room

Lillia Cheshire Butterfly Room

Charlotte & Ruby Rainbow Room

Kyle Arsenal Asquith Room

Emil's Space

We want our centre to be a welcoming place and also somewhere bereaved parents and families can come and get the support and help they need, you can find more information regarding our centre and launch day on our website and all our social media, and we hope that you can come along and enjoy the day with us


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