As we go into February our year has already been so busy, we have 3 events we are putting together ourselves, and 2 events that have been organised by other people who are fundraising for us,

March 14th

Black tie dinner and fashion show fundraiser featuring Yorkshire based fashion brands shown on industry models. Exciting interest from TV, radio and newspapers. High end auction prizes.

April 6th

It’s not a long story but the idea sprung to mind following a gig by our own band (DC Blues) one night where we asked ourselves “Can we put on a Blues Festival?”, it’s not something we have ever attempted to do before but we just thought “Why not!”, so here we are well in to planning what will hopefully be an excellent day of live music. We’re not doing this to make any money for ourselves as any profits that we make will be donated to our chosen charity “Charlies-Angel-Centre Foundation” which supports bereaved parents & families. We have chosen this charity as some good friends of ours have been through absolute heartbreak so what else could we do but try to support them by organising something that we know about to raise much needed funds.

September 14th

Charlies Charity Ball & Awards is a beautiful, inspirational evening, held at the Marriott hotel.Whether you're wanting to support a great cause or celebrate the strength and achievements of the nominees, this will be an event to remember The 2019 Charity Ball & Awards looks set to be an even bigger event with 200 people expected to attend and many to receive awards for the courage they have shown or the work they do in supporting those going through bereavement

November 30th

December 12th details to follow

Our Annual memorial service to remember all of our Angels

We hope that you can attend some events and support us as much as you can

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