Charlies Ball & Fashion Show

Thursday 14th March, finally the day has arrived. Charlies Ball & Fashion Show has been 18 months in the planning, and what an event it was.

Rachel Cheshire, Lyndon Campbell & Di Fisher have been the driving force behind the event with Rachel being the main woman. Their drive and enthusiasm has been amazing. We have met with them on several occasions to be kept updated of what was happening. We always felt like it would be a BIG event but I don't think any of us actually knew just how big it was.

Rachel and her husband Matt had been supported by the charity when their beautiful little girl Lillia was born sleeping. They both wanted to do something to help the charity as a thank you for the support they got.

Two of the co-founders attended the night and it was truly an awesome event. We were greeted with a Red Carpet Champagne reception and shown to the welcome area. There were already lots of people there in some amazing outfits. We were offered champagne by a young lady inside a 'Champagne dress'.

Here are a few photos from the event, click on the link below to see all the pictures we have so far.

The Raffle , Auction & Diamond Earring Rox Box were very successful and as soon as we have the final total raised from the night we will be sharing it with you all.

Everyone at the event were really moved by the video played during the night explaining more about the charity and interviews with 2 families we have supported. (view below)

Standing on the stage, looking out at this room full of mostly strangers, telling everyone in the room about our charity and what we have achieved so far and what our aims are was quite daunting and surreal.

However it made me think just how much we have actually done and looking back at where we started back in 2013 we have grown and developed so much. I honestly don't think any of us are the same people we were back then.

Charlie Arthur Curtis, our Son, Grandson, Great Grandson, Nephew, Cousin and inspiration. You may have only been in our arms for such a short time but you have truly shaped us and the future of bereavement support for families. What better legacy could you have left.

We are and always will be so so proud of Charlie and his Mummy.

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