Christmas Time After Loss

Christmas time after a loss can be very challenging. Filled with family gatherings and wishes including words such as ‘merry’, ‘happy’ or ‘grateful’ might want to make you scream and run for cover, here at charlies-Angel-Centre we are no different, we have other grandchildren, nieces and nephews so we have to try and enjoy this time for them, but we also lost Charlie on the 29th of December, we all still grieve and all feel different emotions surrounding this time of year, We all get together on Charlie's birthday and go out for a meal, We try to live up to the Christmas spirit and attempt to enjoy each other’s company. We spend equal amounts of time trying to achieve this high and mighty goal as we spend stressing about it.

The pressure of the festive period starts around October and continues into January, buying presents for our young family members, reminds us constantly that charlie is not here, he will forever be the missing piece that completes our family, we do buy him a gift and always will do, this can be anything from a bauble for his mummy's tree or something for his little garden, we are sure every bereaved family feels like we do and feels the added pressure of Christmas but one thing we have learnt is that "self-care is required"

while the world keeps moving & life goes on, be choosy about what events you will go to. – During Christmas surrounding yourself with those that you love & are comfortable with is key. If you know that there is a party that is not going to be good for your emotions going to it, than you are allowed to say no. While it’s possible to be happy through the holidays, we are allowed to protect ourselves from any more pain after our loss.

Everyone grieves differently try and be honest with yourself and others about your needs and open to how the needs of others may differ from yours.

"There is no right or wrong way to feel at this time of year"

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