Fighting On

Over the last 5 years we have fought hard to make sure things have become better for bereaved parents, that their needs are met and support is there for them if and when they want it, i cannot believe the things i have witnessed in the last week and it has made me so angry to a point where it's made my blood boil and i have questioned myself and people involved in the bereavement world.

As a family we have always had and will have bereaved parents and families at the heart of what we do. but for people to come along and question that because we have questioned there motives and practices surrounding bereaved parents is a step to far, in the last week if i am honest i have thought about quitting and walking away, but Charlies-Angel-Centre Foundation is a family and everyone of those 40,000 people we have supported is part of our family to.

So a new day has come we will continue our fight and we will continue supporting anyone that needs it. and yes if bad practice is happening we will complain and we will fight for change.


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