Men's Corner

Men aren’t always very good at asking for help, they often feel that it is a sign of weakness or failure, particularly as they feel they are supposed to protect their family.

They may feel sadness, loneliness - even hopelessness and fear about the future. Such feelings are not unnatural, or wrong. They are all ‘normal’ reactions to what may be the most difficult experience of your life. Every person’s experience of grief is unique. Some feelings can be very strong and frightening. It can feel as if you are losing control or ‘going mad’. These are normal reactions but if you find that they are continuing and affecting your ability to cope with daily life and your relationships with others, there is help available

Many men who ‘take the plunge’ find that it is very helpful to talk to another bereaved dad or grandparent as very often that can help them discover that they are not the only one to have ever felt or reacted the way they do! Our Men's corner is a monthly group that meet up and do different activities that are completely free, the group is run by Clive, Gary and Tim who themselves are bereaved parents and grandparents, all dates can be found on our website

You can also send a message via our facebook page or email where Clive, Gary or Tim would be happy to talk to you

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