There has never been a grandchild born who wasn’t wonderful in the eyes of their grandparents.  Grandchildren are a special gift. 

They are the children of your heart, the children you get to love without having to be responsible for their bedtime or keeping their room clean.  When your grandchild has died, you are confronted with the loss of your heart and, at the same time, forced to watch the pain of your son or daughter as they grieve.  Your brain and your heart scream, “It’s not supposed to be this way,” “It hurts too much,” and, “It’s not fair.”

Along with the loss of your grandchild, you have lost the opportunity to see your family continue through that child.  The special place for that child in the family has been left empty and there is a terrible void.

Grandparents need opportunities to talk about the death and the pain.  Unfortunately, grandparents may not be recognised as grievers and you will have to seek out people who will hear your story.  Telling your story to others can help you work through your grief and make you more able to help your child grieve their child.

Tuesday October 1st 7pm-8.30pm will be our first grandparents support circle, this group will be run by grandparents for grandparents we hope that grandparents will come along and feel they can talk about there grandchild in safe environment

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